gOOOd Christmas

gOOOd Christmas

Christmas is almost here, with big (or little) family reunions, lights, Christmas trees, warm hugs and... presents!

We think that this is a gOOOd time to give back.
We really mean it, the biggest and most precious gift you can give is something that helps others and our Earth.

You know, we have a commitment to fairness and sustainability.

When you buy from, you're supporting communities and little brands. It's like the best of both worlds: you're getting exclusive and authentic creations, and in the meantime, you're supporting real projects,
ideas and people somewhere in the world

So, here's a list of gOOOd ideas for your gifts this Christmas:

 For your colleague who needs a boost:
The gOOOd Pouch

A daily reminder for that colleague of yours, the one who needs a little lift. You go, gOOOd girl! 

For girlfriend or boyfriend with low tolerance:
Goood Vibes Or Gooodbye Crewneck Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt that admits no compromise: organic cotton, recycled polyester, gOOOd vibes only, thanks. 

For the new mum:
Animal Throw

A beautiful throw, handmade by disadvantaged young people participating in Le Nespole Laboratorio Onlus.
And, who knows, maybe the first gOOOd gift of the newborn! 

For your mother who has enough:
Aromatherapy Sleep mask

A well-deserved rest together with a lavender field: this is what we were thinking while creating this sleeping mask.
The perfect gift for a tired mum, to show her how much you care.

For your aunt who carries too many things around:
gOOOders X Tumaini Trust Woven Bag

Colorful, ethical, handmade and ROOMY.
It's perfect for all the essentials (and all the extras)
that may come to your mind.

For your nephew who wants to sparkle:
Bio Glitter Necklace

This is gOOOd glitter, for sure: biodegradable, plant based, vegan, cruelty-free, to sparkle gOOOdness and love all around with absolutely no guilt. 

For your dog who deserve a proper gift:
gOOOders X Tumaini Trust Dog Collar

Everybody needs to know that your pet is a gOOOd girl or a gOOOd boy, right? Spoil your doggie with this ethnic collar, handmade in Kenya.

Are you in Milan this week? Do you still need that gift for that friend (or even for you, why not)?

We're opening a wonderful Christmas Market
at Christmas is goood at Kenta:
a whole week dedicated to a sustainable Christmas!

There will be events, yoga classes, talks, games, and, of course, a Christmas Market with a beautiful gOOOders corner and a lot of brands as gOOOd as we are.
Discover all about Christmas is goood at Kenta
at this link!

Keep shining on, gOOOders!    
Until next time, 

with love,
Your gOOOders team
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