Fill your space with gOOOdness

Fill your space with gOOOdness

Raffia. Soap stones. Brass. Horns. Fairness. Respect. Ethics.

We were wondering how to describe FLOC, one of the artisanal brands you can find on
So we thought of letting you know their materials and core values first.
To us, offering you sustainable products is fundamental.
And by "sustainable" we mean both for the environment and the people.
That's the reason why we're so proud to introduce you to FLOC
and why we love this social business from Kenya so much.
FLOC is a project made by Australian designer Nina Howard and it's a way to unite Kenyan design expertise and ethical business:
they make original art pieces from recycled materials and found objects while respecting human dignity.
Traditional craftsmanship and creativity meet in these wonderful creations
that are half sculptures, half dreams.

Floc Textured Raffia Mobile
They give the room some texture, they fill the blanks.
You can find these mobiles both in the natural and the black version.
Grass and raffia woven together, swaying in the wind.
You can shop the Natural Mobile here, the Black one here

Floc Array Mobile

The solar system in your home,
a material lullaby to kindly fall asleep.
Shop this light mobile here.

Floc Hive Mobile
FLOC thinks of its mobiles like jewelry for your home.
We're sure there's no better definition for this piece.
Find this marvelous and delicate art work on

Floc Aurora Mobile
Maybe for a nursery, maybe for your own room, to dream of those warm nights full of bright stars.
Here you are.

Fill your life, and your home, with beautiful and meaningful things...
and remember to be gOOOd during the process.

Until next time, 

with love,

Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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