Nussa Poudre Exfoliante Detox

Nussa Poudre Exfoliante Detox

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An exfoliating powder, which on contact with water forms a paste and then a slight foam to gently exfoliate.
An energizing and detoxifying cocktail that will give your skin a boost without assaulting it.
Without any dye, its surprising green color comes only from the natural ingredients in the formula!

85% of the total is of natural origin
10% of the total comes from Organic Agriculture

Contain: 23g

Untested on animals

100% Made in France

Recyclable and reusable glass bottle

FSC recyclable cardboard case from sustainably managed forests, 1 cat tree - 1 tree replanted

Made by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in specific local traditions, often handcrafted, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and supporting one-a-kind pieces.
The use of organic and natural materials is essential in all of our lines, ranging from fashion to beauty. Our designers are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity.

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