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gOOOders X File Crochet Phone Holder

gOOOders X File Crochet Phone Holder

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With our project, the "Goood Girls Club" our aim is to create a real club of gOOOd Girls who help each other, despite their differences. So do gOOOd, cleanse your Aura and remember the 3S motto: Sustainable, Superlative and Sexy to join us! 

This time we launched the new gOOd girls club phone holder with FILE.
FILE is an Italian Foundation of Leniterapies, a nonprofit based in Florence that since 2002 has been caring for the chronically ill in advanced or terminal stages through the use of palliative care and psychological support.

From the skilled hands of FILE volunteers and the aesthetics of gOOOders came a handcrafted cell phone holder made of 100% recycled wool.
The proceeds go to the foundation. 

At gOOOders believe that every choice we make is a vote for the future we want to live in, whether that’s the clothes we wear, the products that fill our homes or the cosmetics we use.

Black and pink 100% wool Crocheted phone holder. Each product is totally handmade and therefore unique.


Phone holder cm 10x18, strap cm 75


Dry Clean


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