You are magic! ✨

You are magic! ✨

We went on a yoga retreat
to discover our magic:
which is yours?
Mid September, it's that time of the year again: school, work, the city, cars, running up and down...

Sometimes it would feel so good
to have a big red "Refresh" magical button! 

The good thing is that you can push that button
whenever you want.
First of all, sit up tall, breathe in,
and then breath out.
You are magic, gOOOders!

Some days ago, we went on a wonderful yoga retreat in Assisi (Umbria) led by our dearest friends Anna & Cristina from
Rama Yoga, a precious yoga studio based in Milan.

"You are magic" was the wonderful mantra that guided us
during the whole retreat.

Le Case (literally, "Homes" in Italian), a peaceful country house surrounded by green Umbrian hills, welcomed us for these restorative moments.
Assisi is the n° 1 gOOOd destination to calm your soul and your spirit down. Pilgrims all over the world come here to give thanks to Saint Francis, one of the most venerated
figures in Christianity.
Everywhere, it's all silence, peace and

You can really feel the magic, in Assisi.

There, under a big sky and encircled by the forest,
we asked ourselves what magic really means for us.
What does magic represent to you, dear gOOOders?

Maybe the answer can be a little different for everyone but,
to us, it's definitely a mix of yoga, meditation, gOOOd veggie food, stunning sunsets, a lot of friends and laughs

Even if you can't go on a yoga retreat right away (but please consider doing that, it's sOOO worth it),
we want to give you our little tips to find your kind of magic and to bring it with you!
gOOOd tip n° 1
Breathe in, put your hands in Añjali Mudrā and give thanks for your day. Feeling gOOOd can be so easy!
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gOOOd tip n° 2
Drink a lot of water and repeat your favourite mantra as long and as often as you need. And if you have not your mantra yet, we can lend you ours: 
hydrated, happy, focused, flourishing, gOOOd. 
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gOOOd tip n° 3
Walk, run, dance, shake your arms, jump like you mean it.
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You are bountiful, blissful and beautiful.
You are magic: own this magic, gOOOders!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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