Venezia is a way of gOOOd life

Venezia is a way of gOOOd life

We can probably all concur with the fact that Venice
is on a whole other world.
Calm waters, but then TOURISTS (!), and good food, art, history, and, simply, that Venetian sparkle.
Enjoying Venice and all it has to offer can be hard, if you don't know what to do. It's even harder if you wanna travel like a gOOOder, in a conscious way.
But what would we do here if we didn't help you?
Discover our
✨ Conscious guide to a gOOOd Venezia✨
Eat local
Baccalà is a typical dish of this maritime city: we went to Baccalà Veneto because it's a historical bottega in Venice where you can find local and beautiful food.
And if you're wandering what those beautiful glasses are, they're our Parafina Co X gOOOders recycled plastic and bamboo glasses!
Shop 'em here.
Discover art with your heart and mind open
Venice is infused in art, it's everywhere.
Murano glass is one of the most famous Venetian art forms: all this history and wisdom is gifted in the making of Amourrina creations. These earrings, necklaces and rings are handmade in Murano, inspired by tradition but twisted
by pop creativity.
Speaking of art, we stayed at The Venice Venice Hotel, a gorgeous hotel where art is literally by your side, in your room. This artistic hotel is a project of Golden Goose and it made it possible to recover an ancient building, Palazzo Ca' Da Mosto, while enhancing Venice's avant-garde soul.
So gOOOd.
Slow down and respect the city
Venetian lagoon invites us to flow slowly and calmly like its water: get lost in the calli (the typical Venetian streets) and discover the real Venice, made of campi (aka squares), kids running up and down and little shops with no name - like the one you see here: they were selling postcards, and we obviously fell in love with that.
While travelling, always respect the city and the environment and try to reduce your plastic consumption - a super easy way is using a water bottle, like the one you see here. Our gOOOd water bottle
will always be with you in your purse!
And here's a random list of our
favourite places in Venice!

Where to eat vegan cicchetti: Un Mondo Divino
is a real bacaro, but with a gOOOd vegan twist!

Where to see real artisanal work: Tessiture Bevilacqua creates a luxury fabric (the soprarizzo velvet) on looms of the 18th century, all handmade.

Where to see good art: Palazzo Franchetti is a historical palace near Rialto bridge; you'll always find fine art exibitions there.

Gondole, anyone? Squero di San Trovaso is one of last gondola factory still in use, and you can visit it!

Now it's your turn, gOOOders:
share with us your favourite Venetian places on Instagram!
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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