Under the gooodness of the Tuscan Sun

Under the gooodness of the Tuscan Sun

What do gOOOders do in Summer ? They shine bright *

Welcome back, dear gOOOders!

Our beach cleanup mermaid party with a group of little future gOOOders and in partnership with Salotto Studio, WAS A BLAST, we were all covered in bio glitters to make the coast of forte dei Marmi even more gOOOd. You can always bring a bit of sun shine with you wearing our Sparkle Effect necklace.
You can style it with other gOOOdies, Virginia mixed it up with an Amourrina necklace.
On a gOOOd note our pop-up store in Forte dei Marmi is going super well, and we're here open until the 30th of July.
We made especially for you dear sea coast travellers an Organic Cotton Muslin Dress by Cooperativa Alice X gOOOders.
Perfect for every moment of your gOOOd time here.

It's a dress, a beach robe, a surtout.
We made it soft and light to be packed for every destinations.
Two colors, warm rust and sugar paper blue.
Being a light and soft fabric,
muslin is perfect for Summer clothing.
Last but not least, consciously made.

Cooperativa Alice uses responsibly produced materials and people who work there are individuals working together and learning new skills guided by leaders in the fashion industry.

If you can't make it to Forte dei Marmi,
shop this gorgeous dress on goooders.com!

Keep on being, looking and doing gOOOd!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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