Travel to reconnect

Travel to reconnect

Discovering off-the-beaten-path:
wandering around
a secret and gOOOd Italy
Summer never ends, especially in Italy , don't you think?

Being gOOOd means moving with consciousness
while caring for our dear Earth
(and whoever lives there, with us, around us!)

We can make a difference,
travelling in a gOOOd way!
We want you to meet Andrea - she's a gOOOd​ traveller​, curator and founder of Be​m​y​j​ourney.

Andrea started Bemyjourney to help ​like-minded conscious ​explorers​ ​discover ​​off-the-beaten-path​ destinations ​in Italy to recharge and reconnect with themselves.
Over the next few days we'll be following Andrea
during her trip across Italy
with photographer Imdad Barbhuyan.

Andrea will share tips to experience our dear Italy as locals,
staying in different accommodations,
all gOOOd, conscious, and ecocentric.
They'll travel across Sicily, Abruzzo and Cilento to find hidden villages, buying food from local markets,
speaking with people to live just like a local.

Curious about Andrea and Imdad's gOOOd trip?
They'll start at Susafa Boutique Hotel, in Sicily.
2nd stop: Sextantio, a hotel
situated in a medieval village in Abruzzo.
Then, Casa Horti, L'Aquila.
Last, but not least: Il Cannito, Cilento!
Travelling in a gOOOd way means paying attention to the other people, living authentically and
exploring secret destinantions thanks
to real word-of-mouth recommendations.

Respecting traditions, trying out new food,
looking at the world with the eyes of locals:
reconnecting to the place you're visiting
means reconnecting to yourself.
She's obviously bringing with her
the gOOOder's travelling kit:

Feeling gOOOd t-shirt
when you fell gOOOd, you have to show it!
You can find it here

Eco Club travel bag
a gOOOd bag to bring everything you need
Here's the travel bag!

Recycled plastic and bamboo sunglasses
to protect your eyes and the environment at the same time
(and they make you look so cool, btw)
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Andrea and Imdad's journey has already started,
stay tuned on our IG channel, we will have a few lives
to get updates from them!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team

Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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