Time for caring - gOOOd Practices on the Beach

Time for caring - gOOOd Practices on the Beach

Eva Geraldine Fontanelli collecting plastic from the beach in Greece wearing gOOOders earrings
A nice summer sun welcomes us in August, a month of vacation, rest and long evenings…
No matter what our summer looks like, we know that gOOOders are gOOOd everywhere (aka you can bring some gOOOd wherever you go).

It has been quite a year, there's no doubt we deserve to slow down.
But we could say that, here at gOOOders, relaxing is caring.
Caring for our environment and whoever lives there (animals, people, cultures) while swimming in the sea wearing sunscreen that doesn't harm any fish or marine plant, for example. Or feeling gorgeous and classy in a 100% regenerated nylon fiber swimsuit. Or appreciate all that is around us looking through these recycled plastic and bamboo sunglasses.

We gathered together some useful items to help us spend a conscious time on the beach: they could all be a reminder, a little alarm clock, of our commitment and our choice to make better and better… Well, we also think that they're a nice way to be and look gOOOd.
 Aleana organic floral sunscreen by goooders, sunscreen that doesnt harm the marine ecosystem

gOOOd Tip no.1

Protect your skin without harming the marine ecosystem:
Developed with innovative active ingredients derived from biotechnology, organic vegetable oils and high quality floral waters, this SPF50 has been formulated without any synthetic ingredients.
This means that it protects your skin while protecting marine life.
Shop your Organic Floral Sunscreen.
Parafina co x goooders recycled plastic and bamboo sunglasses, sustainable sunglasses

gOOOd Tip no.2

Quit Plastic!
These sunglasses are the result of our collaboration with Parafina Co. which recycles plastic, tires, corks, HDPE, bamboo, cans, and bio acetate in order to produce their sunnies!
Shop your gOOOders x Parafina Co. sunglasses.
talia collins x goooders econyl swimsuit, recyled plastic from abandoned fishnets and plastic collected from the oceans, sustainable swimwear

gOOOd Tip no.3

Recycle as much as you can!
Talia Collins timeless designs are consciously created using ECONYL®, a yarn consisting of 100% regenerated nylon fiber crafted from abandoned fishing nets and other discarded plastics. Each luxurious piece includes sun protection and is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
Shop your next favorite swimsuit!

During these summer days, swim kindly, breathe, have fun, and remember that every little action counts.

Until next week,

with love,

Your gOOOders team

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