The Goood Tour: 5th stop, the mountains

The Goood Tour: 5th stop, the mountains

Our fifth stop, the mountains - with Johanna Maggy

Discover selects from our stylish holiday wardrobe

We are driving up to the mountains and to the last stop of our good tour, the air is fresh and the Dolomiti mountains look like a printed postcard.

gOOOders partnered with Audi e-tron to promote a more sustainable way of traveling and while immersed in this beauty by mother nature the silence of an electric car is even more inspiring.

We stayed at chalet Fogajard, a farmhouse deeply rooted in tradition, where our fifth guest  Johanne Maggy is waiting for us.

She is a magic woman,  wellness warrior, and holistic health coach.

She is a big fan of sustainable fashion, that’s why she personally picked the look for this destination.

She choosed a handcrafted alpaca poncho made in Peru and a signature T-shirt “I love the way you recycle”.

We discovered together how important is to be connected with nature and to be respectful of all her creatures in order to feel goood.

Also, self-respect is important and personal care, our beauty routine is all made of organic plastic-free products, like the brush it like you mean it toothbrush and the sunscreen that up here is really essential.

Meaningful Luxury is choosing to make a journey in alignment with our values: environment-friendly lifestyle and carbon-free choices.



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