The Goood Tour: 3rd stop Amalfi Coast

The Goood Tour: 3rd stop Amalfi Coast

Our third stop is the Amalfi Coast - at Palazzo Avino – with Mariella Avino and Isabella Poti

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The Goood Tour continues towards the south until we make it to the gold gem of the Amalfi Coast.

Here on top of Ravello’s hills sits Palazzo Avino, a charming 12th century Pink Palace surrounded by citrus trees.

Mariella Avino, owner and visionary princess, welcomes us at the entrance, a green door that opens on a path with a breathtaking view and where the very first gOOOders store was opened in 2019.

Let us now introduce you to the 3rd guest of this tour, Isabella Poti,  the young face of contemporary cuisine, who stands out for her creative and passionate approach. She showed us how to make the most simple and delicious recipe just by cutting a lemon, the local gold, and adding a pinch of sugar on top.

She is a gOOOder!

Cristina Celestino, a well know Italian interior designer, has recently reimagined some of the suites with the color palette that inspired our selection: aquamarine, coral and sand.

The sustainable DNA of this enchanting place is in the care given to each detail and the attention to use mostly local resources.

This gives rise to the most goood and goood looking destination of the Amalfi Coast.

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