The Goood Tour: a gOOOders adventure! 1st stop Lago di Como

The Goood Tour: a gOOOders adventure! 1st stop Lago di Como

Our first stop is LAGO DI COMO - the Grand Hotel Tremezzo – with CEO Valentina de Santis and Martina Sergi

Discover selects from our stylish holiday wardrobe

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has lived through over 100 years of history, from the exuberant glamour of the Grand Tour, through the early 20th century, to our modern-day concept of holidays.

On our visit, we joyfully discovered that the spirit of the Belle Époque lives on at the Grand. An essence that is hard to pinpoint, but what undoubtedly makes a stay there so special.

Added bonus? The sustainable mission that CEO Valentina De Santis has brought to the legendary hotel trough seemingly small but very impactful actions. Take for example their green air conditioning system, powered by the cold water of the lake.

We adored our time there, stay tuned for the first full episode of the our Goood Tour where you get to discover more about our trip to this stunning destination. 


Discover a preview of the wardrobe we picked for the destination. 

A selection that will reflect @goooders_ philosophy for a meaningful and beautiful approach to fashion. A mix of eco and ethical clothes with touches of made in Italy established brands and artisanal pieces.


Road trip like you mean it !




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