The Goood Girls Club Manifesto

The Goood Girls Club Manifesto



When gOOOd Girls come together the magic of gOOOdness happens. ✨

That’s why we created this club, inclusive and diverse, for every human being who feels a bit of a gOOOd Girl, for everyone of you to be supported and understood. It feels so gOOOd when we clap for each other, right?

This celebrates you, gOOOd Girls, each and every one of you with your story, your fights — never giving up and always finding the time to empower others while looking fantastic.

With the sales of our new uniform we are supporting @donnexstrada
an association of women who protect other women when they are alone, sometimes in the dark, coming back home.

Do gOOOd and remember to stay Superlative and Sexy, gOOOd Girl.

you deserve everything,

gOOOders Team 💚

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