The gOOOd Girls Club is here

The gOOOd Girls Club is here

This will be our motto: how does it feel? 
Here we are: we founded a team, a tribe, a club.
The cOOOlest thing is that this club is open
to every human being that feels a bit of a gOOOd girl.
No experience needed, no difference between us:
we cheer for each other and celebrate our differences!
Last Thursday we gathered our gOOOd girls together for
the first gOOOd Girls Club meetup: surrounded by marvellous veggie food
and lots of gOOOd vibes we really felt Sustainable, Superlative, Sexy. 
The precious Ophelia Kumbe was the author
of our ethical and vegetarian catering. 
Our kind heart Federica Avanzi presented her book
7 daily rituals for gratitude with a special gratiOOOde game:
a simple way to remember to be grateful for what we have. 
Then, the aura. You know, those vibes.
We read them, and they were so gOOOd.
And now, it's official.

This is our club, and this is our gOOOd Girls Club collection, our uniform.
sweatshirt and a beanie made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, thoughtfully produced for the Club.
Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to DONNEXSTRADA,
an association created by women and active against gender violence.
We really wanted to make something useful and shine a light on gOOOd people. 

You can find the gOOOd Girls Club collection on
Our founder, Eva Geraldine, wrote these few lines,
and we'd like to give them to you, so you can pass them
to the next gOOOd Girl to meet

...Psss, if you're reading this, you already are part of the club.

Until next time, 
With love, 
Your gOOOders team

Blog Post by Marta Cappelletto
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