The gOOOd girls are back!

The gOOOd girls are back!

The gOOOd girls club is back, and
we've never been so strong!
'Cause we're together, helping each other.

We see the light in each other.
Need us? We'll run for you.

Last week, the gOOOd girls club finally reunited
here in Milan.
We threw a party, a special evening
to spread a light on an expectational project.
We had a lot of friends and supporters:

Villa Lena
with a rosé wine 100% made in Tuscany
Mathè Organics
providing a unique mathè experience with
its lemonade and orange juice
a fantastic beer made for leftover milanese bread
Flower Burger
vegan and colorful burgers for every gOOOd girl
an Italian summer party could never properly end
without a gelato!

But, most importantly.

We re-gathered together to help our sisters:
the proceeds from our evening went completely to WASI, a ASCS project that provides psychological support to migrant women, connecting them to therapists speaking
their mother tongue.

And what is the gOOOd girls club without its uniform?

This time we thought about an organic cotton t-shirt and a shopping bag, both illustrated by the talented Clorophilla.

This is us!

gOOOd girls recognising the light in one another, walking together, looking at the world with our third eye,
shining bright like the sun.

Folk Ukrainian dancers, henna tattoos, bioglitter bar: everything to have an unforgettable party,
in a gOOOders style.
You can find our gOOOd girls club capsule collection here!

Purchasing from
you will continue to support WASI,
as part of the proceeds will directly go to this project.
Maybe you're wondering why
the gOOOd girls club is so special.
It's because anyone who feels a bit of a gOOOd girl can join.
You're here, you're already with us!

Have fun, reach out, help others, be gOOOd!
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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