The Conscious Traveller's Guide to Ravello

The Conscious Traveller's Guide to Ravello

Goooders guide to conscious travelling in Ravello, Amalfi Italy


The Amalfi coast is one of the most breathtaking spots in Italy, frequented by jet-setters and celebrities, but it can be hard to get an authentic experience. Where are the locals hiding? Finding the best local foods, boutiques and markets is key to creating an experience as beautiful as the scenery!


Where to rejuvenate:


Our first destination of choice is Palazzo Avino, a charming building that encaptures everything you’ve ever imagine about Italy in its facade and surroundings. Not just a 5-star hotel, Palazzo Avino is a conscious oriented hotel always looking for ways to improve its commitment to sustainability.


From the recently upgraded water saving policy which saves over 30%, also from the back and front kitchens, to a 90% cut in plastic bottle usage to the sourcing of local food and groceries, Avino strives to put forward a greener and greener attitude.

Shop Goood and feel Goood:

Start off your day at the best destination in Ravello for some goood shopping at our very own Goooders pop-up store, located at Palazzo Avino.


The Goooders is full of inspiring, bold and goood collectables handpicked for your wardrobe. Fun, accessible and irreverent, pick from cult brands such as the ethical eyewear Parafina, with their ‘radical designs’, fashionable and made kindly, or I was a Sari, a soulful brand that cleverly upcycles beautiful silk saris - to name a few!


Walking into Ceramiche Cosmolena di Margherita di Palma is like walking into a ceramic wonderland! Be blown away by the bold and inviting exterior that displays some of their amazing ceramics. The perfect place to find that statement piece for your house that commemorates your trip. Elena Aurea Jewels is another shop that is a must visit. All pieces are handmade and a real testament to their craft. The skills have been honed over generations to create the beautiful pieces you can see before you today.



A bit of Culture


Ravello is really famous for its classical music festivals!


All year round they have various events happen, and it’s really worth scheduling your trip at a time when one of these is happening. See national and international talents and hear some truly goood music.


Why goooders choose Ravello:


Goooders chose Ravello for many different reasons. It is a charming and beautiful town, set in the hills, making it a little harder to get to. Because of this, the town has really retained its sense of community - this is a place where being eco-conscious is more convenient than not! The produce is all local and the community works together to provide sustainable and genuine tourism.


Goood Italian Vocab to use:

Buongiorno - Hello

Arrivederci - Goodbye

Posso prendere... - Can I get ...

Grazie (gra-ze-eh) - Thank you

Come sei bravo- How goood of you

Buonissimo - Really goood

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