Tarot Card 19, Le Soleil

Tarot Card 19, Le Soleil

First of all - put your headphones on, and click here.
Now sit down, listen to the music, take some time for yourself.
It's so nice to see you again, dear gOOOders.

Let's get back to where it all started.
Being gOOOd means looking for every kind of sustainability: for the environment, for our global community,
and for ourselves.

gOOOdness flows from a place of
caring and affection,
for ourselves first, 'cause otherwise we won't be able to return the love we generated.

Self kindness can create so many gOOOd things.
That's why taking time for ourselves is so important.

We wanted our dear gOOOders to have a moment of self-love creation, so last Friday we had a night party at Combo Torino during the Artissima Fair.

On this special occasion,
we presented our brand new arrivals.
Made in collaboration with the magical VGO Associates (a collective made of artists, curious individuals, personalities, and cultures), these sweatshirts are meant to be a gift for everyone. They are, actually, an act of self-love. 

The Sun, our immense crux and endless source of energy. 
Le Soleil, the universal love, is a crucial tarot card.

And, now, it has (quite literally) your back. 
VGO Associates artists draw for gOOOders a special tarot deck, and you can find Le Soleil card drawings on the back of our new sweatshirts.
But we wanted you to have also a reminder of the boundless energy radiating from the light,
so we asked our friends from Virgo (a mystical and esoteric studio based in Turin) to craft for us the Sun Box.

A soy candle that beams warmth and vitality, a colorful smudge to purify and eliminate which no longer is serving you. A little Sun in a box.
Sweet gOOOders, here are the words written on the Sun tarot card, may they guide you during your days:

Celebrate the strength of the Sun and its Light,
which does not come only from outside.
It's within.

Follow your heart, it will take you to your goals.
Success and realization are close.

Love is the key to everything.

P.S.: you are listening to the exclusive playlist Giacinto Gandolfo created for our Friday event!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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