Sustainable Travel Essentials

Sustainable Travel Essentials

What we're packing this weekend that we can't live without #GooodTravels
by Hanna Lockley

Everything you need to know about packing sustainably for your next weekend getaway.
Always pack the same old pieces? Fear not. This Goooders guide will not only help you pack like the do goooder you are but will also do wonders for the planet. What more could you want?

Go for multitaskers

Perfecting the art of packing can be tricky for intrepid travelers. The answer is to opt for hardworking pieces that are versatile and easy to incorporate into other outfits. This saves a lot of room in a suitcase, too.


Choose loose silhouettes that look just as good while you’re exploring the sights as they do when you’re relaxing on a sun-drenched terrace. When it comes to nailing vacation style, focus on breezy fabrics - especially if you’re heading to warmer climes. Light fabrics like cotton and gauze will keep you nice and cool in the sun. Always look out for pieces that are organically sourced and made.

Fan - Awave Awake dress

Have a little fun

When luggage limitations mean you have to pack pieces that can be worn in myriad ways, accessories are your secret styling weapon. Even the simplest of outfits takes on new meaning when it’s finished with a sun hat or a playful beaded bag. 

Vacations are a time to experiment with pieces you wouldn’t wear day-to-day, so expand your fashion horizons with quirky accessories, such as Kilometre Paris’ eco-friendly visor. Crafted for the modern-day nomad, this elegant piece is aptly inspired by the spirit of travel and is entirely handmade from natural cotton and finished with delicate embroidery sewn by artisans from disadvantaged communities. So not only does it keep you shaded on sunny days but it also gives back to the people who need it most.


Kilometre Paris - Taipei Visor

Tote bags reign supreme. Remember to take one roomy enough for all of your beach essentials or for when you’re out buying local produce, just like I Was A Sari’s ethically made version. Tot(e)ally exclusive to us, this spacious design is handcrafted from an upcycled silk sari and decorated with ‘Now I Can’ in bold fuchsia letters. If that doesn’t give you the motivation to get out and explore then we don’t know what will!

Now I Can Tote Bag

Choose a scarf for a splash of color that’s big enough to cover you up when it gets chilly up in the air. Our exclusive design is crafted from eco-friendly pashmina wool and hand-loomed and embroidered by one of the last remaining artisan embroiderers in Naples.

Goood Sleeping Mask

No matter what time of year you’re heading away, we believe you always need a trusted pair of sunglasses wherever you go. Wear Panda’s sustainable version are beautifully crafted from bamboo and upcycled plastic in a sleek cat-eye silhouette that suits all face shapes. Who says you can’t look good and do good?

Bamboo Sun Glasses

Eco beauty warriors

It’s never been a more important time to consider what your skincare does for both your complexion and the planet. With the growing emphasis on taking a more natural approach to caring for ourselves, it’s tricky to know where to start. But this is where we come in. When you’re packing for a weekend trip, it’s all about space in your suitcase, so let’s take it back to basics and consider what we really need.

Choosing the perfect sunscreen can be a tricky process for the conscious consumer. Not only should a great sun cream be effective against both UVA and UVB rays, it should also be free from animal testing and harsh ingredients. Alaena’s earth-friendly SPF50 has an organic formula that’s made from ingredients derived from biotechnology, vegetable oils and powerful yet gentle floral waters. This super product takes care of both your body and the environment.

On average, we go through a toothbrush every six months and there’s now an estimated 2 billion that end up in landfills and in our oceans every year. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush with organically grown bristles eliminates that waste completely and doesn’t break the bank. Our biodegradable version is as gorgeous as it is earth-friendly and even comes in its own sleek case. Happy teeth, happy planet!

Travelling can wreak havoc on your complexion. The secret to helping out your skin is keeping it hydrated and we have the oil just for that. Nussa’s natural and organic elixir is powered by Gallice rose petals, which are sustainably sourced from the Iranian hills and cherished for their soothing and moisturising properties - natives have been using the ingredient as a superfood for centuries. This lightweight formula contains no nasties and is beautifully packaged in a recycled glass bottle and encased in a cardboard box made from sustainably managed forests. Trust us when we say it’s a true hero piece for your cosmetics case.


Practical gooodies

The tide is turning against single-use plastics and we couldn’t be happier. Our annual global consumption of bottled water is thought to have reached 398 billion litres, and more worryingly is contributing to the 1,500 plastic bottles discarded every second in the US alone, which end up as landfill or ocean waste; vast ‘garbage patches’ of plastic, most notably in the north and south Pacific. In order to be part of the solution and not the problem, we’ve created our own. Decorated with our snazzy logo, it’s made from Tritan, a BPA-free plastic that’s somewhat of a sustainable hero. Tough and highly durable, it’s great for when you’re both at home and away. Stay hydrated and do goood for the environment.

The best companion whenever you’re away is an ethically made eye mask - especially if you have trouble sleeping en route to your destination or while you’re there. Our artisanal design will help you drift off for the soundest slumber. It’s exquisitely crafted from a luxurious blend of silk and cotton and decorated by one of the last remaining skilled embroiders in Naples. Renowned within this industry, she is now passing her skills on to incarcerated and disadvantaged women in the Italian city’s most poverty-stricken communities.


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