Say it: fashion support!

Say it: fashion support!

There are few certainties in life,
but we want to tell you two of them.
The Fashion Week thrill is definitely a thing.
And so is gOOOdness.
How to combine them?
Two words:
fashion support!
This means that if we support each other we can create something really beautiful.
Fashion support means banging the drum for emerging brands and for those which support gOOOd causes.
Fashion support means looking gOOOd and doing gOOOd.
We're a green gang strolling around the city,
a cosmic youth that inspires creators and fashion brands.
We’re thinking of brands like Vitelli,
which is promoting regenerative fashion creating a community of artisans that upcycle old yarns.
And also of Tiziano Guardini, who’s working with Manteco, a sustainable Italian brand focused
on luxury textiles (our founder Eva is wearing one of their creations in the photo up here).
This creates a virtuous cycle of style, gOOOd ideas and talent.
Support each other, 'cause if you do gOOOd,
you look gOOOd.

And now let us introduce you to...

The gOOOd Edit:
Sweater Support

The sweaters all have one thing in common: they spread a meaningful message and they support a cause, may it be about feminism, a new masculinity or the environment... choose yours and support it like you mean it during this Fashion Week!

Boys do cry.
Let's redefine masculinity together!

Goood Girls Club
united in support of DonnexStrada

Riley in support of
1% for the Planet!

Read books.
Education supported by EgyBoy.

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team

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