Recharge your gOOOd vibes

Recharge your gOOOd vibes

What's up, dear gOOOders?

Here we are again, a new year has just begun and
we're so ready to be gOOOd.

January opens its doors to self-care and introspection:
this is a perfect time to set new goals, readjust old ones and recharge our gOOOd energies.
We connect to ourselves to enhance our connection to the world and the cosmos.

The Earth is always providing us with what we really need: crystals are treasures that formed down below, nearer to our beloved Earth's heart, to help us.

You can find some of this magic in this wonderful Amethyst Mini Facial Roller, which is a great way to combine the power of the Amethyst and the calm of a self-care routine
in a daily ritual.
Mount Lai is a proudly Asian female owned beauty brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine: their wish is to give a modern approach to ancient rituals for radiant, glowing skin.
And we're not done yet: we partnered also with Wonther to create secret amulets to keep your inner vibe always with you.

As crystals carry energies and stories with them, Wonther pays a lot of attention to the materials it uses for its jewellery.
These amulets are made of materials from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council: their production respects human rights and the environment, therefore you can be totally sure they're ethically made.  

Discover the whole lustrous 
Goood Vibes collection with Wonther here!
Which amulet do you need? 
Crystals have different meanings and
therapeutic powers.
Let your heart decide which is the one you need now.
Rose Quartz

If you're looking for love and a calming vibe,
Rose Quartz is your crystal.
It radiates love and emotional healing,
it helps to open your heart. 
You can find it here
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
is the crystal for intuition seekers.
Its delightful blue transmits awareness with an honest, confident vibe.
Shop your amulet 

A peculiar aspect of crystals is their need for charging.
They tend to absorb and accumulate energy, so they need to be cleaned from time to time. 
We'll be on the full moon phase in only 2 days, so be ready:
here's a shiny guide to recharge
your crystals with moonlight
First of all, a side note.
The frequency and the charging method (you can use the moonlight, or some moon water, or you can bury them in the ground, for example) depend on you and your relationship with your crystal. A good rule to follow to know how often you need to recharge your crystals would be: you may not take a shower on a day spent at home, but if you worked out, you want to take a shower. The same goes for crystals! 

Step no.1 When is the next full moon?
Check for the right night: you wanna make sure that the moon is up and fully out. Its light will do the rest.
Step no. 2 Put your crystals outside.
You can leave them on the ground but also a windowsill will get the job done.
Step no. 3 Keep 'em safe.
After the cleanse you can store your crystals in a soft pouch, and maybe you can use the moonlight to clean that too.
This year, set for gOOOdness,
recharge your vibes and
be gOOOd like you mean it!
Until next time, 

with love,
Your gOOOders team
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