Make someone do a Happy Dance!

Make someone do a Happy Dance!

If you've ever read our gOOOd newsletter 'till the very end, you know that we're proud of our values, and that we have really high ethical standards. 

There's a lot of work behind the gOOOd scenes
and today we're bringing you there, where all the magic kicks off
Starting point: Recycle
We have a strong commitment to recycling and so have our designers. They re-think, re-use, upcycle: meet EnShalla, the group of Moroccan creators of these wonderful hand embroidered bags. All these bags are made with care and love with recycled plastic bags used to carry rice, couscous or flour.

Let's go on with Charity 
We try to donate our proceeds as much as possible to spotlight and hold up different organizations. 
Tumaini Trust is one of them: their main goal is to get children in need to achieve a higher education. You can help us supporting them by shopping this gOOOders Hand Woven Bag: roomy, handmade and wonderful. 
And then, add a lot of Artisans!
Traditional techniques, local skills, unique pieces made with intention: handmade is goood-made. Speaking of uniqueness, these incredibly gOOOd scarves are one-of-a-kind. Gomitolorosa is an Italian non-profit organization that promotes knitting in hospitals to reduce patients' anxiety.

Now wipe away Inequality
Equal pay and treatment for all, no matter what your gender, race, religious beliefs or economic status are. We support NGOs like Amazing Grace because their aim is to back local communities up. These earrings that you see here, they're handmade in Myanmar and their production supports disadvantaged local people. 
Fair is the way
It's a matter of transparency during the manufacturing process.
Opaline is a non-profit organization that works in South India, ensuring workplace safety and responsible production while creating beautiful items like
these gOOOders organic cotton pajamas
Eco-friendly is fundamental
Our designers use natural and long-lasting material because they strongly believe that a gOOOd product must have a low-environmental impact.
We partnered with Mama Wata for our gOOOd Water Bottles as we wanted them to be zero-emissions and sustainable, and Mama Wata thinks the exact same way.   

Last, but not least: Engagement
This simply is what drives us in everything we do. We're sure that doing something is better than doing nothing, and that we can help and support each other

We aim to provide opportunities for personal growth, acceleration and professional development in the communities we work with. We support each other because we're all part of the same big community.

And remember: when you buy from an actual person is doing a little happy dance somewhere in the world!   

Until next time, 

with love,
Your gOOOders team

Blog Post by Marta Cappelletto
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