Packing gOOOd vibes - A gOOOd traveller's bag

Packing gOOOd vibes - A gOOOd traveller's bag

Serene, cozy and relaxing times ahead.

Whether you go to the sea, the mountains, or a beautiful city, one thing will always be true: you'll need to bring your gOOOd stuff with you.

A gOOOd traveller's bag is full of gOOOdies, obviously, but also of gOOOd thoughts and intentions.
Let's start from a light, yet big and spacious travel bag:
it's perfect for every exceptional,
eco-centric and elevated gOOOder. 
Shop it here! 
Next, fill this bag with the gOOOdies: 
Pink, organic and comfy, the perfect mix to feel gOOOd. We love these pants so much, and you can find them here.

Match the pants with the
Feeling gOOOd Hoodie, for those fresh Summer nights spent talking with your favourite people.
Here you are.

Eco Club bucket hat, to not fear the Sun, while caring about the Earth: this bucket hat (like every other item of our gOOOd collection) is made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. You can find it here.
It's not even a proper Summer without our gOOOd water bottle and our recycled plastic and bamboo
, is it?
Last but not least, a new arrival!
travel beauty bag to be part of the club wherever you go.
+ 3 more extra tips to spread gOOOdness
while travelling the world

Extra tip #1
 Pack a shampoo bar too,
it's so easy to bring and contains no plastic!

Extra tip #2
Give a chance to a "minimal travel bag":
choose dresses, tees and pants of a similar color palette, to create a lot of different outfits while
not having to bring a lot of clothes. 
Moreover, you'll easily wash them together,
saving water and time to spend for your adventures! 

Extra tip #3
gOOOders are everywhere: try to support gOOOd shops, people and projects also while travelling!
Dear gOOOders,
we're taking a little Summer break, but
our e-commerce will still be open

we're super ready to send you your gOOOdies!

And please don't forget to tell us everything about your gOOOd vacations:
reach out on
our Instagram!
See you in two weeks,
have a gOOOd Summer ❤️ 
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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