Our gOOOd meaning

Our gOOOd meaning

Sometimes, when life gets all tangled up, the best thing to do
is to re-root ourselves in our true meaning.

We, as gOOOders, are a tribe of conscious human beings:
we want our actions to have a positive impact on the world, and we work together as a human collective towards that.

We thought a lot about the true meaning of gOOOders
Three Os: three suns and three eyes.
Three eyes:
two to look and one, the third, to really see.
Three gentle suns that are our key values:
beautiful, meaningful, sustainable

Everything you find on goooders.com is handpicked with care to live up to our standards.
We want to stand where ethics and aesthetics meet while caring for our planet and creating shareable value for the artisans and the brands we collaborate with.

Being a gOOOder means looking at the world
in a different way: we have an enlightened perspective wherever we go.

We have sometimes used our logo to spread a message: may it be about peace, love or inclusion. Create your own gOOOd point of view and discover your true meaning.

Please remember that we all are human citizens of the world and we advocate peace and respect for one another.
Our actions are driven by a sense of togetherness and compassion for people and the planet. 

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team

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