One solution, a gOOOd revolution!

One solution, a gOOOd revolution!

We believe that we can change the world, together. 

This week has been a very special one, here in Milan. 

More than 400 young girls and boys from all over the world are still in the city to discuss climate change, but also to fight for our future. 

There's no better moment to wear your values, now that we're all called to manifest and raise our voices to bring a change on Earth. 

We have some ideas for you:

Save the Planet! 
We love your house, we'll protect it!
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Fai La Milano che Vorresti
Build up the city you want to live in! 
Milano is gOOOd is a community of active citizens that work together to create a sustainable city – be one of them wearing this t-shirt, and do it with intention.
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Feeling gOOOd
Be so gOOOd that everybody sees it.
You can choose to have this statement on your tee, or on your hoodie, or both. You can give it to your best friend, to your mum, even to an enemy.
The thing is: be gOOOd and do gOOOd.
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Yesterday Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate led the Student Strike for Future in Milan, and more and more are coming, all over the world. 
If you're in Milan, you should definitely come with us to the Global March for Climate Justice – today, 3 pm, at Largo Cairoli, we'll be there.

Until next time, 

with love (and hope for a gOOOd future),

Your gOOOders team
Blog Post by Marta Cappelletto
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