Meet Silvia: our gOOOd girl of the month

Meet Silvia: our gOOOd girl of the month

gOOOd girls have a strong voice.
They act gOOOd, following their dreams and they never forget about all that are walking with them.

Each and everyone of our gOOOd girls got a story to tell:
today we'll meet
Silvia Stella Osella,
our gOOOd girl of the month!

(a few extra gOOOd tips for
the Christmas time included!
Silvia is a creative consultant for Sustainable Fashion. She has been working in fashion and design since 2005. Now she's helping fashion brands take shape through a conscious and mindful approach.
You've been working as a Sustainability Consultant for fashion brands since 2015, and started focusing on sustainable fashion in 2010: what was your inspiration, back then?
I had the opportunity to work as a designer for some of Europe's leading textile suppliers: while teaching me a lot, those years opened my eyes on some aspects of the fashion world that were very far from my values and ethics. That's why I decided to find out if there could have been a way to keep doing my job - which I love - with a different approach.

Do you remember the first time you thought:
"Yes, I want to be a gOOOd girl"?

Kindness and respect (to both people and Planet Earth) have always been the most central values of the family I grew up in.
So I guess this has always been part of me, and when I stepped into the fashion world it didn't take long to realize I wanted to try to do things differently.
You have two wonderful kids: which is your
favourite tip as a gOOOd mum?

To teach kindness and respect! And to act accordingly.

Best gOOOd destination for the Holidays and the gOOOd item that you won't forget to pack in your eco-travel bag?
Lanzarote is always a goood idea! One of my favourite places on Earth, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, great for resting both physically and mentally, surrounded by beauty and unspoiled nature. I will definitely pack some toys and books for my kids, a book for myself, my camera and my gOOOd vibes or gOOOdbye sweatshirt.

Can you tell us something in your life you're really proud of?
I am proud of the balance I have achieved, both mentally and in my everyday life - and the freedom of choice according to my own values.
What does being a gOOOd girl (and mum!) mean to you?
I guess it means to try as much as I can, every time I can, to put things into perspective and think about the impact our actions and words can have.
Some gOOOd ideas for Christmas gifts?
Lately I like to gift less "things" and more experiences or time to spend together in a special way.

Which is your favourite gOOOd book?
“140 Artists’ ideas for Planet Earth”

Your most important gOOOd gesture to others?
I guess never quitting studying, questioning myself, being curious and sharing what I learn everyday with as many people as possible.

Which is your favourite quote?
"Simplicity is deceptively complex because it is a thoughtful process" - John Maeda

Who is the woman that inspires you more?
I have two: my mum and Lidewij Edelkoort.
What is your gOOOd habit at home?
We have many! We try to create as low waste as possible, we buy local and organic food, drink tap water, turn down the heating and wear an extra gOOOders sweater instead ;-)

Why should everyone be a gOOOd girl or boy?
Simply because we are not alone on this Planet, and we should remind ourselves of this everyday.
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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