It's gOOOd to give

It's gOOOd to give

Have you ever thought about
what Christmas really means to you?

To us, Christmas is the perfect chance to give something back, both to people and the world.

The act of giving is so powerful:
you can make your loved ones feel appreciated and, in the meantime, you can also support the people that created that gift!

We really believe that ethics and aesthetics can go hand in hand:
on you will find only brands and creations that meet the most strict ethical standards.
All is handpicked, carefully selected: you know that you're actually doing gOOOd.

One of our main goals is supporting our global community, trying to give back some gOOOd.

Need some ideas?
No worries, here's our Christmas list of beautiful and meaningful gifts that create value and love - for those who made that gift, for the ones that give, and for those who receive.

1) Amourrina X gOOOders gOOOd at Heart talisman
A little treasure, our latest arrival. Two murrina beads, full of Italian history, and a silk velvet Japanese string - soft, precious and plastic-free

2) gOOOders X File Crochet Phone Holder
A beautiful handmade creation that supports File, an Italian association that helps terminally ill people providing palliative care and psychological support

3) The Sun Box by Virgo
A soy candle that beams warmth and vitality, a colorful smudge to purify and eliminate which no longer is serving you.
4) Le Soleil Tarot Sweatshirt
Especially created for gOOOders by VGO, an artists' collective, this sweatshirt is a gift for everyone, a reminder of our immense crux and endless source of energy, Le Soleil, symbol of universal love.

5) gOOOders Handcrafted Bike Basket
These baskets are carefully handmade by Ghanian weaving cooperatives using traditional methods and raw materials. Fair payment and treatment is assured for everyone in the supply chain, respecting high ethical standards.

But we're not done yet,
there's so much more gOOOd to do!
Click here to see
our Christmas gOOOd shopping full collection!

And now, a big announcement!

Dear gOOOders,
we're so happy and thrilled to invite you to
Christmas is goood at Casa degli Artisti!

From December 15 to December 18 we will be at Casa degli Artisti (Corso Garibaldi 89/A, Milan), waiting for you, everyday from 11 am to 8 pm.

You will find gorgeous and sustainable Christmas shopping, a lot of workshops and events to take care of ourselves and the planet, a so much gOOOdness.

It will be the chance to create the Christmas we want, helping our environment, other people, and looking gOOOd.
It's also a special opportunity to meet our team
and some of our gOOOd brands!

Click here for further information on Christmas is goood at Casa degli Artisti and how to book your place for the workshops!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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