Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

Yeah, you read that right:
our gOOOd pop-up is back!

We're waiting for your lovely presence at
Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi from
July 1st to July 30th

to share gOOOd vibes and do gOOOd together.
Forte dei Marmi is an Italian destination on the Tuscan Sea, perfect for every gOOOder looking for
a bit of tradition or a touch of glamour:
bicycles, green trees, sand,
does something better even exist?

Oh well, maybe all this together with
an exquisite selection of gooodies 
waiting for you
Like this gorgeous organic cotton muslin dress
made by Cooperativa Alice just for gOOOders.
If you don't know Cooperativa Alice yet, it is a fashion laboratory, a non-profit organization, a meeting place for schools, corporations and designers: we love the so much!

We're so ready to take over Versilia with our gOOOd vibes:
show 'em all with our favourite Summer cap.

gOOOd vibes or gOOOdbye, for sure!

And it's not over yet: on July 4th we're hosting
a little sparkly workshop for children:
Eco Sirenett* - Eco Mermaid, in a gender neutral way!

We're going to learn about sea pollution and bio plastic:
we'll spread a lot of gOOOd vibes
and our plant based bio glitter!
If you wanna know more about
The Sparkle Effect, here you are!

Let's start this gOOOd Summer together!
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team

Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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