gOOOders and Levi’s® gOOOd tips

gOOOders and Levi’s® gOOOd tips

Whatcha doin' with that old pair of jeans?
You know, the one you have in the closet, the one that doesn't fit anymore but is that pair of jeans you simply can't get rid of. 
Well, we think you should get creative. And Levi’s® thinks this too. 

Denim is an extremely versatile fabric: you can rip it, scratch it or dye it and it will become even more unique and beautiful.

After collecting more than 400 pairs of jeans in the last year, Levi's® gave them to Rifò and Flo Concept.
They upcycled them, turning them into super cool bucket hats.
Last Saturday we were with Levi’s® at a special event at the Levi’s® pop up store in Milan to actually see how to upcycle and extend the life of your favourite pair of jeans. 

During this afternoon, Rifò and Flo's tailors showed us the cutting and sewing process to create Levi’s® upcycled bucket hats. 

We, for our part, shared a lot of useful tips on sustainability for your denim item and we want to share them with you, dear gOOOders.
1. Remember that everything we do has an impact around us - make it positive!

2. Read the label: it will tell you more about the fabric, especially whether it could be repurposed after the end of its lifecycle as a pair of jeans

3. Always go for the quality, it leads to durability

4. Jeans are forever: we all have a pair of mum's jeans, haven't we?
5. When you declutter, consider the Levi’s® Tailor Shops: you can make jeans shorter if they're too long, or put a patch or modify them however you like! And if your jeans are too little or you don't like them anymore, find a friend who would be happy to wear them.

6. Some useful tips on washing your jeans: don't iron them, wash them with cold water only and after 10 uses (between them put your jeans in fresh air!)

7. Wear longer: denim is so easy to customize, take a pair of scissors and your creativity, and you will have a new pair of jeans without having to buy a new one.
8. Buy better: choose an item wearable in different moments of the day to create different looks.
Total denim for the day, denim + silk for the evening, denim + cotton for the weekend

9. Buy the right one: buy only clothing pieces you really like, you will be happier to wear them, and they will last so much longer 

10. Made to last: take your jeans to the Levi’s® store of via Orefici, 13 in Milan to see them turned into something new and give them a new life!
We're waiting for you at the Levi’s® pop-up of via Capelli, 1 in Milan to discover live all the unique upcycled collections.

Long life to the gOOOd jeans!
Until next time, with love,
Your gOOOders team
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