gOOOd Vibes destinations: CAIRO

gOOOd Vibes destinations: CAIRO

We went on a beautiful trip in Egypt,
some days ago.
We wanted to relax a bit, the sun and the hot weather
calling us with a melodious voice.
One day though, we met a special girl.

And once you meet a gOOOder, you know it.
Our third eye shined on her: she is a real gOOOd girl.

So, walking through the majestic pyramids we talked a little:
Farida is a dancer, student and model from Cairo,
looking for the goood side of things.

You must think and talk about glorious things,
while in the presence of a glorious past.
Did you know that the shape of the Pyramids attracts the power of Sun? 

According to the ancient Egyptian spirituality,
the Sun brings clarity and good omen. 
Still today, people passing by Giza pyramids can feel the magic and divine power hidden in those majestic buildings.

In some parts of Egypt, ancient Egyptian deities are still worshipped: Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Order, Reciprocity are values that create a link from the past,
directly to the present.

The connection with the Earth and the Sun is still part of the Egyptian way of looking at the world - and that's exactly what we admire from them!

We're a tribe of conscious travellers always looking for gOOOd people, creating new opportunities to do gOOOd.

'Cause, when you meet someone special, you can feel it. 
Everywhere we go, near or far, we can look for the gOOOd,
both in the people around us and in the environment.
Farida is wearing our beautiful linen dress, made in collab with Tumaini Trust, together with a beads belt from Fair Trade Egypt.
A little gOOOd tip: don't be afraid to throw this dress in your bags, linen is even more beautiful when
it's a bit crumpled!

Every destination has a goood girl salutation!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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