gOOOd steps 

gOOOd steps 

gOOOders is a gOOOd tribe of conscious travellers,
curious wanderers looking for a gOOOd way of living.

We are proudly running towards our goals.
We are peacefully walking through life.
And we are respectfully strolling around the world.

Always minding what's really important:
all the people around us, our Mother Earth, ourselves.

Walking can also be a meditation, or a way to get yourself ready for action, like a run-up to get to your desires.
So maybe shoes could never save the world.
But people who wear them surely can.
The gOOOd edit
Changing the world step by step
Womsh is a 100% made in Italy brand with a special focus for environmental and human sustainability.
Don't forget that
every step you take is a step towards your future!
The six Womsh Ws
aka why we love 'em
What - there's a QR code on every Womsh shoe, linked to the Blockchain system, to have access to all the infos about the shoe you're holding in your hands

Where - everything is 100% Made in Italy, to guarantee workers rights, and manufacture&material quality

Who - worker safety is key, and so is ascribing value to the people who work with them and for them

How - Womsh has an ethical,
respectful and inclusive business model

How much - a minimum living wage is guaranteed
to every Womsh worker
+ Giving back to the Earth: Womsh takes part into a lot of important projects to protect our environment!
Vegan Appleskin. Fine details made of recycled materials.
Discover Wave
A vintage vibe, the 80s remastered in a gOOOd way.
Discover Hyper
We are so happy to have Womsh as part of our big
gOOOd community.

Wanna be a gOOOder too?
Apply here!
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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