gOOOd girl of the month 🥇

gOOOd girl of the month 🥇

What does a gOOOd girl look and act like?

Always open-minded & open-hearted, gOOOd girls are all different and unique.
We'd like you to meet our gOOOd Girls Club members, 'cause we believe that we all have something important and beautiful to say: we can learn so much from each other!

Without further ado, let's meet Carolina, a member of the gOOOd Girls Club since its foundation, our first
gOOOd girl of the month!
Carolina lives in Milan and works as a
and Social Impact Advisor.
Let's begin with an easy question: which is your favourite gOOOd book?
Open, by Andre Agrassi.

Your most important gOOOd gesture to others?
A smile: a simple way to show kindness.

Tell us your favourite quote!
"To live will be an awfully great adventure"
but also
"Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face"

Who is your Shero, the woman that inspires you more?
Every woman who is leading her own silent fight.
Best gOOOd destination and gOOOd item that you never forget to pack in your eco-travel bag?
Dimora Cala del Pozzo, Favignana - always with my gOOOd vibes or gOOOdbye cap!
Your go to gOOOd trick in the kitchen?

What is your gOOOd superpower?

A good laugh - it breeds resilience.

How do you imagine the world in 2050?
Net zero, for sure

What is your gOOOd wish?
More kindness towards others.
What is your gOOOd habit at home?
I light candles and grow plants, they make me happy & calm.

What has being a gOOOd girl made you change in your life?
Appreciating a bicycle ride across Milan,
discovering it holds beauty.

Why should everyone be a gOOOd girl or boy?
Because you can really make things better. 

Favourite gOOOd beauty trick?
Coconut oil, everywhere!

Last but not least: your gOOOd motto for every gOOOders out there?
Go gOOOd or go home 
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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