gOOOd destinations: glamping in Morocco!

gOOOd destinations: glamping in Morocco!

The majestic desert all around you.
A tent. Lots of stars. The untouched nature. 

How does that sound?

We travelled to Morocco, some days ago, and our accommodation was a wonderful glamping resort near downtown Marrakech. 

Maybe you don't know that Morocco is really engaged in conscious development and it's a very sustainable destination.

In regards to the UN 2030 Agenda, Morocco expressed
its commitment in six main areas:

1- Improving the living conditions of the population 
2- Health: Morocco achieved, in 2018, its goals related to maternal and infant mortality
3- Education: enrollment rate in preparatory and secondary education reached 92% in 2019
4- Renewable sources: Morocco generates electricity from renewable sources for the 34% of
the national capacity for electricity production
5- Climate change: Morocco is committed
to reduce emissions by 42% by 2030
6- International Cooperation: the Kingdom of Morocco is committed to the global partnership for development.
And what did we do in Morocco?
We stayed in one of the most sustainable
eco-glamping resorts in the world.

First and foremost: what's glamping?

Glamour & camping, that's it. So, a cozier and luxurious way to camp that still maintains contact with nature, the animals, and fresh air. But glamping is also becoming one of the most
conscious accomodations for gOOOd travellers.

Let us tell you why.
Using off-grid technologies, local sourcing for food and materials, and working with near-by communities, glamping resorts also uphold slow and sustainable tourism.

, the wonderful nomadic home that hosted us during our stay, is literally a gOOOd oasis in the desert

Caravan Agafay is an immersive experience in the Moroccan desert, where we experienced luxury of care and attention to minimum detail.
Sustainability is a core value for Habitas.

Their construction methodology minimizes
environmental impact.
They're committed to eliminating single-use plastic and have been awarded the Oceanic Champion Badge.
Habitas then offsets its carbon emission, supporting reforestation. They also support the plastic hunters initiative in Mexico, coral reef regeneration, marine turtle conservation and biodiversity acustic mapping.

RISE initiative, Habitas is also focused on empowering local communities and working closely with them.

Collective responsibility and mutual support for the community and for the planet: we think this is a gOOOd recap for Habitas' amazing activities and commitment.

And they're not working in Morocco only!
Currently, Habitas' homes are in
Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Namibia, and they're opening new resorts in USA, Bhutan, Costa Rica and more homes in Mexico.
We obviously brought with us our gOOOd travel set: 

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(we love to imagine it full of leaves, flowers, shells,
or tickets and letters!)

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gOOOdness is everywhere:
keep your mind and your heart open!
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team

Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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