gOOOd boys club

gOOOd boys club

Autumn has really come, at least,
and it's raining cats and dogs, here at gOOOders HQ. 

Oh well, not literally, obviously. 

We're setting up a gOOOd gang
and you and your cute pets are invited!

Call your dog friends because, this week,
we have a few lovely things especially created for them.

A gOOOd collar
by gOOOders X Tumaini Trust

Spoil your dog with this ethnic leather dog collar.
It's made in Kenya and it's the result of a special collaboration between gOOOders and Tumaini Trust.
This trust looks after children and gives them the opportunity to access higher education: that is achieved by building work projects for the native community and using local materials. Hence, the leather: these collars are made in a small Kenyan village whose economy is based on farm breeding, so leather can be considered a waste by-product.

These collars are a way to support local businesses and to avoid the waste of natural resources:
moreover, part of the proceeds will be donated to
Tumaini Trust to help as many children as possible.
So, it's a win-win. 

Last but not least, you can pamper
both your gOOOd boy and your gOOOd girl.
This collar's leather is really soft and
glass beads are hand-stitched,
so they're strongly placed:
long lasting even on the roughest of doggies!

An extra tip for cuties:
Discover these refined accessories for your pets:
Le Sauvage Décorateur makes mats, bowls and blankets decorated with jungly collages.
Something eclectic and unique for your beloved friends. 

Here's what we think: 
gOOOd pets, gOOOd mood, gOOOd life. 

Until next time, 

with love,
Your gOOOders team

 Blog Post by Marta Cappelletto

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