Expanding your Consciousness

Expanding your Consciousness

Mushrooms are those types of things
that inspire magic...

Can you feel it with your gOOOd third eye?
Fungi have healing powers, and trasformative ones, they are a symbol for silent (but costant!) growth.

We have a lot to learn from these little guys, believe it or not!

We discovered a few amazing things about
mushrooms and fungi, so here we go!

Fact #1
Mushrooms are not plants, they are not animals either, they create a biological reign on their own

Fact #2
Mushrooms are the fruits of the fungi, a net of little roots that grows underground

Fact #3
They have fantastic curative capacities: they keep the forest clean and your body and mind too

Fact #4
Studies say that may exist almost a million species of mushrooms, yet we only identified a mere 10%

You can make biodegradable leather out of them!   
Stella McCartney presented the 2022 Summer collection at Paris Fashion Week with a runway show dedicated to mushrooms and fungi.
Mylo Frayme, the world's first vegan mushroom leather bag to be on a high fashion catwalk, was the star of the event!

This week, gOOOders set up a special evening with Stella McCartney to present this wonderful sustainable collection,
here, in Milan.

We did it as Make it gOOOd, our gOOOd communication agency for those who want to be part of our worldwide community of gOOOders.

The theme was, no need to say,
the mushrooms reign.

Mushrooms in the special cocktail we created in collab with Dirtea. 
It was a Dirtea Martini:
a combination of tastes, including these special
mushroom-based blends and powders. 

Dirtea offers a vegan and organic alternative to coffee and tea: they enhance the power of mushrooms to enrich health and wellbeing.

They helps us expanding our consciousness.

Here's an easy, yet meaningful, ceremony: turn on some music, make some fresh water boil, add a teaspoon of your favourite blend or powder, and then
pour everything into our gOOOd water bottle.

Then maybe sit and watch Fantastic Fungi, a wonderful mushroom-themed documentary that we really loved.

Mother Nature keeps doing her magic, do yours too!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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