Down to Earth

Down to Earth

Yesterday, 22nd of April, we celebrated Earth Day, and the whole month of April is dedicated to connecting to the planet and protecting it.

We hope that this is a way to remember to take care of our environment,
all year long!
Here are some ideas to celebrate Earth Day/Week/Month/Year

1- Find some outdoor restoration projects near you and join them (if you live in Milan, discover WAU!)

2- Download the A World Act Now App and set your personal sustainability daily goals!

3- Try to eat more veggie meals

4- Neutralize your carbon footprint while travelling supporting carbon offset projects like atmosfair

5- What you wear has an impact on the environment: don't forget it!
...We, gOOOders, we protect the Earth like we mean it!

We reconnect with the planet, we care about it and, in the meantime, we care about ourselves. 

That is why we thought about a little treat for you, something that doesn't hurt the Earth! (It is also a sneak peek of our Summer collection, so stay tuned for more)
Here's our new magic couple: a jumper and a pair of matchy shorts, dyed with the colors of the Earth.
Yellow for the majestic sun
Pink for the hot sand
Blue for the clear water

all mashed up together, just as it is IRL
As always, our jumper and shorts are super certified: 
Global Recycled Standards
Organic Blended content standard
Peta Approved Vegan
Wear Fair

You're sure they're gOOOd, for real.

Stay gOOOd, babes!

Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team
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