Do gOOOd Look gOOOd

Do gOOOd Look gOOOd

Is it even possible to call it a real gOOOd travel diary without the pages written by our founder, Eva?  
Sprinkle some gOOOdness around you (like our plant-based and biodegradable glitter necklace does) and follow her to...

Greece, August 2021

As a sustainable traveler, Eva had three mantras always in her mind: 
gOOOd Tip no.1
Choose farm-to-table food or directly pick your own veggies, if you have the chance! Doesn't hand picking your food make you feel gOOOd?
Embrace it and show it by wearing our Feeling gOOOd organic cotton t-shirt  – if you do gOOOd you look gOOOd, and vice versa! And always remember to protect your precious eyes from the sun with these Parafina Co. recycled plastic and bamboo sunglasses while you are outside doing your gOOOd.
gOOOd Tip no.2
Saying goodbye to single use plastic bags is easier with our gOOOd Stuff Bags: they're made of 100% organic cotton and, of course, they're 100% gOOOd. 
If you need a bigger bag (or something to put all your gOOOd Stuff Bags and your beach essentials) take a look at this Earth Basket, 'cause it's made of recycled plastic and each and everyone is unique. 

gOOOd Tip no.3


Eva found that the Greek sun has an amazing energy, the same that is in the gOOOders' logo: a big, warm sun that restores and regenerates your energies. Recharge while wearing our deep pink gOOOders t-shirt and bring gOOOd energy wherever you go.



Until next week, 


with love


Your gOOOders Team

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