Conscious traveling for the Holidays

Conscious traveling for the Holidays

gOOOders is a tribe of conscious travelers, meaning we care for everything around us, with our third eye, our intuition, wide open for what's gOOOd.

So, when traveling around our majestic world, always remember to be intentional and to pay attention to the way you move, and the way you act.
Here some tips :
1. Offset your flight carbon emissions. Atmosfair is a goood carbon offset project, but, if you can, prefer the train.
2. Take your time, slow traveling is good for the Planet and for your health.
3. Keep your money local, eat farm to table, buy from local communities, take tours organized by local people, make local friends.
4. Pack an eco friendly bag, light, filled with organic garments (check our ready to go selection), natural products, avoid plastic.
And most importantly choose a sustainable destination...

This time come with us to Marrakech - a marvellous city located in one of the most conscious and sustainable countries in North Africa.

Le Jardin Secret is an oasis, an open air museum, a typical Moroccan residence recently restored to be visited and fully appreciated.

It's a secret garden because you have to know that it's there: once you go in, magic happens.

The origins of this incredible place hark back to more than 400 years ago, and now it has been restored keeping an eye on traditional materials and building methods.

Sustainability is a core value: first of all, for the restoration itself - renewing and giving new life to what's old is always a gOOOd way of caring for your Planet.
Secondly, because the architects and the designers used natural and local materials like Herbil sand and hemp.

Water, plants, light and silence.
This is what we loved the most about this enchanted garden.
But what about the goood packing ?
Here some every season goood items you shouldn't leave home:

Recycled Plastic and Bamboo Sunglasses
Let the Sun shine on you without endangering your precious eyes
gOOOders clutch bag and travel beauty bag
What you need to bring with you everything you care the most

Amourrina X gOOOders shiona earrings
Something small to be colourful and shine your gOOOdness

Organic Cotton Muslin Dress
Handmade with love and care, and 100% GOTS cotton
We know that the way we act and think has an impact: let's make it gOOOd!
And if you are not planning any trip even better, take time to recharge!
We wish you a gOOOd new year, gOOOders!
Let's see you in 2023 ❤️

Until next time, with love,
Your gOOOders team
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