What is Veganuary?

Being gOOOd on a daily basis - Veganuary!

January is a new beginning, a month of cleanse and introspection:
the perfect time to try something new that makes you feel gOOOd, while doing gOOOd for everybody! 
What are we talking about? 
Veganuary, obviously! 
Veganuary is a gOOOd opportunity to TRY vegan!
It doesn't necessarily have to be a full commitment: it's important that we try the best we can.
Maybe we eat plant-based on Mondays, maybe during our working hours, maybe we start cutting red meat:
even the smallest thing will have a huge impact on the environment, no matter in which step of the journey we are!
Some gOOOd numbers for you: by eating even a single vegan meal you can save 1,46kg of CO2 and 1000l of water! (source: Aworld)
Pretty gOOOd, isn't it?

But veganism is not only about food, it's also about the clothes we wear and the products we use on a daily basis.
Try vegan for the planet! 
In the meantime, wear your values with our 100% GOTS certified cotton pull. Bright colors, a strong statement: find your new gOOOd pull here
Try vegan to feel gOOOd! 
It's proven that doing gOOOd makes you feel gOOOd. And look gOOOd.  
With our hoodies you can do the three together: they're made of organic cotton and recycled polyester,
they're proudly Peta Approved Vegan, and they'll make you feel so gOOOd. We're 100% sure. You can find them here
Try vegan for animals!
Nüssa is a French brand with a strong commitment towards animals: all their products are natural, vegan, not tested on animals and handmade in France. 
Discover all their product range on goooders.com
If you want to know more about Veganuary, visit their official site, here!

Then, if you want to cook something special during this weekend, these are some of our favorite vegan creators:
Cucina Botanica, Deliciously Ella, Pick Up Limes, George Lee, Turnip Vegan... 

...Okay, we're definitely hungry now.
This week, discover new ways to be gOOOd and find your own gOOOdness! 
Until next time, 
with love, 
Your gOOOders team
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