A Pink Post – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A Pink Post – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A pink post for you, dear gOOOders.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
a way to underline the importance of prevention
but also to encourage a deeper understanding of this disease.
We wanted to do our part to make women feel understood and less alone: throughout this whole month, on goooders.com,
you'll find a collection of wonderful pink items to honor and support this important cause.
We hope you like them.

Our team captain is...

ZU-ZÙ Nipples t-shirt: bOOObs for you and your bestie!

We love this t-shirt so much: it's completely made in Italy with care and respect, and the entire proceeds from this month's sales will be donated to the AIRC Foundation in breast cancer research.
Take it for yourself and then buy another one for your beastie as a reminder to regularly check your beautiful breasts: healthy boobs club!

Make something super gOOOd and shop it here!

And now meet the rest of our pink team:

Red Lipstick Mask
Red lipstick to be fierceful, even with your face mask on.
This mask is made by Cooperativa Alice, which helps women in need to re-find a useful job, so we can totally say that this mask is made by women for women.
Shop our reusable pink mask in our shop.
Nonviolent Silk Scarf

This silk is called "nonviolent" because its production process is
cruelty-free and chemicals free.
Cocccon scarves are handmade by local groups of Indian women: another way to help women all over the world while wearing a splendid item in gOOOders style.
You can find it here.

gOOOders Pashmina Scarf

A sustainable pashmina, soft, pink and gOOOd.
Embroidered by artisans in Naples and on sale on goooders.com
Our Pink Pajamas
Fair trade and organic cotton, a warm pink shade, three little gOOOders suns:
you can use this graceful two pieces pijamas
to light up your gOOOd side even at home.
Shop our luxurious and Earth-friendly pijamas.
Feeling gOOOd tee
This t-shirt is one of our favourite items, 'cause it fits everyone, it's consciously made, and its statement spreads gOOOdness all around you.

Feel gOOOd and be gOOOd here.

During this month a lot of Research Centres and Associations will offer free medical tests: do a couple of google researches,
we're sure you'll find something in your area.
In the meantime, here is a short list of useful links.
They're a way to start to get some knowledge on breast cancer symptoms, prevention and cure.
National Breast Cancer Foundation: clear and medically reviewed, in English
How to check your breasts: an easy video that explains what to look for when checking your breast, in English
LILT: here, you'll find infos about free breast examinations and mammography, in Italian
AIRC: official website of AIRC Foundation in breast cancer research, in Italian
Until next time,
with love,
your gOOOders team

Blog Post by Marta Cappelletto
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