A gOOOd girls dinner

A gOOOd girls dinner

If you do gOOOd,
gOOOd things will happen around you.

Last Tuesday, the gOOOd girls club reunited
in via Santa Marta, Milan, for a lovely dinner.

An intimate and cozy night,
we were surrounded by gOOOd vibrations played by @santangelica.
The gOOOd girls' magic happened one more time.
First of all, there was Bitossi Home, an emporium in Milan's Centro (the old city center) that collects designers' creations, selected objects, and Italian manufacturing works.
It felt a bit like home, with music and friends and a lot of laughs.

There was Mumba Milano and the delicious veggie catering made by women from all over the world. No borders, here.

This time, we gathered together to support File - an Italian Foundation based in Florence which helps chronically ill patients providing palliative care.
We really appreciate their work, so we decided to partner with them to create something special for every gOOOd girl out there: our gOOOders X File crochet phone holders.

They're completely handmade with care, love, and 100% recycled wool. These new phone holders are a concrete symbol of how much difference care and attention can make.
Even in the most difficult times, remember that there's somebody ready to help you.

We created this club for every human being who feels a bit of a gOOOd girl, for everyone to be supported and understood, to feel at home. 

The gOOOd girls club is big, inclusive and diverse:
everyone fits in! 
Wanna join us? 
Ring "gOOOders", we will open the door.
Until next time,
with love,
Your gOOOders team

Blog post by Marta Cappelletto
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