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Travel Backgammon #1

Travel Backgammon #1

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BACKGAMMON - The Games drop by Giglio Tigrato

This is a unique backgammon hand made by Giglio Tigrato and its team.

The game is designed to be carried with you on your travels: it is convenient to roll up and it can easily be slipped into your suitcase.

The game board features the traditional structure but has been reinterpreted by our graphic designer Franci Rongioletti, every board is then screen-printed in collaboration w/ Guerrilla Laboratory.

The back of each game is sewed re-using only small pieces of fabrics and scraps from past collections and vintage garments. Each game is uniquely made in our atelier.

The pawns of the game has been hand-made by Giglio's team out of ceramics, each of them is then hand-painted and they all presents the logo on top.

Dimensions: 42cm x 52cm


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