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Wonther Number 2 Necklace
Wonther Number 2 Necklace
Wonther Number 2 Necklace
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Wonther Number 2 Necklace

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Your identity is your sense of self. It's the storyline of you, the memories, and the expectations. It's the people who surround you. Each initial and number carry personal meaning for each one of us. Choose yours!

There are two sides to every coin, and the other side is where the Dyad lives. Two is the otherworldly shadow, opposite, polarised, and objectified. It is there, other, that not this, and essential as a basis for comparison, the method by which our minds know things. There are countless names for the divine pair. To the Pythagoreans, two was the first sexed number, even and female. To develop their appreciation of twoness, they contemplated pairs of pure opposites, such as limited-unlimited, odd-even, one-many, right-left, male-female, resting-moving, and straight-curved. We might also think of the in-and-out of our breathing, positive and negative charges in electromagnetism, and real and imaginary numbers.

Wonther believes that true shine comes from materials with principles that they are proud of. Wonther only uses materials from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council, whose origins we know respect human rights and the environment.


925 Sterling Silver 24k gold plated. Finishing: polished.


Diameter: 15 mm. Weight: 1,7 gr.


Gently wipe with a clean, soft cloth.


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