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The Moonstruck bouquet, to celebrate International Forest Day, born from the collaboration between GOOODERS and MIRAI FLOWERS.

GOOODERS, the destination for conscious travellers, experiences and products that embrace ethical values, without compromising aesthetics, collaborates with the online brand of stabilised flowers MIRAI FLOWERS with the Moonstruck bouquet.  

A bouquet created for the International Forest Day, to remind us that conserving and using forests sustainably is one of the best ways to protect our planet and ourselves. Moonstruck encapsulates the magic of a trip to the forest under the new moon, a time to change our attitude and include actions that support the environment in our personal goals.  

A bouquet for conscious travellers of real flowers collected during a walk around the world. A vibrant yellow hydrangea is surrounded by leaves and flowers - palm, golden button and banksia: beautiful for a year they will follow GOOODERS travellers on their journeys, reducing the environmental impact of transport, water and waste.  

The flowers, berries and leaves of MIRAI FLOWERS are hypoallergenic and are preserved with 100% natural stabilisation techniques that maintain their original characteristics of colour, shape and softness to the touch for over a year.


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