gOOOders X Tumaini Trust - Medium Hand Woven Bag Black&White

gOOOders X Tumaini Trust - Medium Hand Woven Bag Black&White

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Carry an entirely unique piece of African artisan craftsmanship with a gOOOders X Tumaini Trust bag! Every bag is one of a kind: hand woven using natural materials like wool, sisal and non dyed leather. Even better, it’s roomy enough to fit in all the daily essentials (plus a few extras).

gOOOders X Tumaini Trust is a very special project for the gOOOders family because it originated from the unique friendship between Eva (gOOOders founder) and Talitha Puri Negri of Tumaini Trust. At gOOOders we believe that friendship and human connections are the most powerful tools for doing good that’s why we always try to build as many synergies as we can. The first born of this beautiful collaboration is a line of bags all handmade in Kenya using natural materials. Every bag is hand-woven using wool, sisal and natural non-dyed leather. Moreover, the beautiful beads that adorn every single bag composting the word gOOOders are all hand made by Kazuri, another wonderful African brand also part of the gOOOders family. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Tumaini Trust to help as many children as possible.


Wool, Sisal and natural non dyed leather, ceramic beads.


Top: 55cm
Bottom: 30 cm
Hight: 38 cm
Handles: 35cm


Professional dry cleaning.


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Made by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in specific local traditions, often handcrafted, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and supporting one-a-kind pieces.
Made with the intention of donating proceeds back to charitable organisations specific to the brand’s social and cultural environment.
The use of organic and natural materials is essential in all of our lines, ranging from fashion to beauty. Our designers are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity.
Supporting equality and prosperity for all people involved regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs or economic status. When every individual is self-sufficient, we believe that the entire world prospers.
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