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As light as a dew cloud, Nüssabody cool mist refres hes the skin at any time of day and offers a beneficial boost of moisture with the sensual scent of coconut pulp and vanilla seeds.
The ultra-clean and alcohol-free composition of this soothing mist features a high quality aloe vera juice, freeze-dried according to a patented process that preserves its rich nutrient content. A treasure of the desert, it is bursting with moisturizing, soothing and healing properties appreciated by all skin types.
Ideal for the morning rush, the body freshness mist Nüssa is a multifunctional nectar that acts as anorganic body moisturizer, but also as a styling product to give hair a natural beach effect!
When you get out of the shower, gently wipe the skin and then spray Nüssabody freshness mist all over your body. Allow to dry for a few seconds. Tip: it can also be used on damp hair, for a wavy thunderous effect!

Untested on animals100% Made in France
Recyclable and reusable glass bottle
FSC recyclable cardboard case from sustainably managed forests, 1 tree cut - 1 tree replanted

How about we add a touch of poetry to our beauty rituals? Divine sensual textures, precious ingredients and fragrances at the height of elegance: Nüssa takes us on a fabulous multi-sensory escape and inaugurates a new approach to skincare where body and mind become one. Born in France in 2015, the range is based on highly concentrated formulas that rebalance and sublimate the skin thanks to synergies of plant active ingredients harvested with respect for the earth. All the products are hand-made in the South of France according to traditional craftsmanship and comply with a strict eco-responsible charter.




100 ml


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Made by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in specific local traditions, often handcrafted, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and supporting one-a-kind pieces.
The use of organic and natural materials is essential in all of our lines, ranging from fashion to beauty. Our designers are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity.