The Heidi Hat

Collection: The Heidi Hat

Wearing a certain type of hat shows the desire to emphasize one's belonging to a people or a culture. Think about the Mexican sombrero or the hats of the Andean populations, the Greek and the Spanish hat in Europe, the Russian fur hats, the Sicilian cloth-caps and so on, all around the world…

The Heidi Hat is your way to declare you belong to nature. Inspired by the mountains, the snow and the ancient technique of embroidery, The Heidi Hat belongs to the tribe of travelers of the heart, of dreams, to travelers who respect and love the land and the mountains.

The Heidi Hat is made and embroidered by hand in Italy with 100% Italian craftsmanship and yarns. Each hat is a unique piece: its manufacture, its shape, its “imperfect” appearance, its fabric, the presence of knots, the raw yarns and its embroideries... small imperfections, hollows, ripples are deliberately present, constituting specific characteristics of the hats and testifying its craftsmanship which represents the peculiarity of the product and is to be considered as a value.