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gOOOders Shaman Hat - Navy Blue

gOOOders Shaman Hat - Navy Blue

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The word "shaman" originates from the Eastern Siberian Tungus people and means "the one who knows.” Shamans acquire knowledge by being in touch with the spirit world: they are translators of that which lies all around us, but which is difficult for most people, to feel.

To live in balance with our planet we first need to find balance within ourselves. That’s why shamanism is not only relevant but necessary.

As gOOOders we think that we all can be and we all are, shamans, and all of us should want a better world.

Become a shaman today, yourself, and you will meet others who have also found enlightenment. Light a candle in the darkness and share it with others.

In our gOOOd Retreat we try to awaken the feeling of belonging in our planet and functioning in our greater system.


100% washed chino cotton 


one size adjustable


Machine wash 30°, gentle cycle.


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