gOOOders X Vogue Italia

Collection: gOOOders X Vogue Italia

gOOOders and Vogue Italia joined forces for the December 2020 issue of the world famous fashion magazine dedicated to "Gratitude".

We imagined a blank page on which eighteen personalities in the fashion world wrote their gratitude, because, you know, spelling is a spell! Instead of paper, we asked Cooperativa Alice (a nonprofit social cooperative, whose mission is to build an inclusive society, through craftsmanship and ethics, active in prisons of San Vittore, Bollate, Monza and with an external laboratory open to women coming out of paths of violence and difficulty) to create a white maxi bandana that became the perfect canvas to amplify the power of gratitude.

The bandanas will then be sold through the gOOOders platform and the proceeds entirely donated to Cooperativa Alice.