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Collection: EnShalla

Born in Morocco, bred in London, EnShalla is proud to offer couture craftsmanship with a sustainable twist.
We work with recycled plastic bags that would have originally been used to carry industrial quantities of rice, couscous, flour and other commodity foods. The bags come in a 10, 25, and 50 kilo sac and any of the designs we make can be replicated throughout the 3 sizes. The bags are hand embroidered weaving different materials through the plastic grid like squares on the outside of the sacs.
We decided to create a charity in Morocco - The food bag foundation - where we will concentrate on educating people in and around these villages in Marrakech, we want to help people to learn, to read and write. These are fundamental aspects of human life that everybody should be given the opportunity to have and we would like to offer this practice to these already wonderfully talented women.